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Manual Inflatable Life Jacket Outdoor Portable Life Vest Adult for Water Boating Survival YJ

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Airbag inflated volume: 16.5 liters

Capsule compressed gas weight: 33 grams

Inflation time: <= 5 seconds

Buoyancy: 16kg

Capsule gas storage time: >5 days

Carbon dioxide gas cylinder: 33g carbon dioxide gas cylinder, disposable, replaceable

Airbag air pressure: <0.2kg

Head and shoulders emerged from the water: 30-45 degrees

Mouth and water distance: >120mm

With dual-tone help whistle

Reflective logo: "SOLAS" high-strength special reflective film.

Material: TPU nylon composite fluorescent orange, single airbag, manual, 33g carbon dioxide gas cylinder.



- Lightweight, low profile design keeps you cool in warm weather without limiting movement

- Soft neckline for all day comfort

- Convenient, reusable mesh storage/carry bag

- Not approved for children under 16 years of age


 Package included:

1 x Life jacket (Compressed gas cylinders are included)



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