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FunWater Stand Up Paddle Board

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FunWater  SUP Stand Up Paddle Board 10'x 31''x 6'' Inflatable Paddleboard Soft Top Surfboard with ISUP Accessories Sup Board Surfing Board Wakeboard Water Sports


Funwater inflatable paddle boards is the first choice for water sports. Funwater inflatable paddle boards (SUP) are suitable for all skill levels to enjoy adventure in the water.

Materials and Parameters· The new ultra light military grade double wall PVC is 35% lighter than similar size products (16.7 pounds), with excellent wear resistance, toughness and long service life. The paddleboards standard size is 10'× 31" × 6 ", carrying 300 pounds.

Design and Use· Funwater's unique ergonomic handle design allows you to inflate your paddleboard more easily in a shorter time. The camera base at the front of the paddle is convenient for you to record your adventures.

Package Including· 1 inflatable paddle board, 3 removable and adjustable paddles, 3 removable fins, 1 SUP pump, 1 backpack, 1 waterproof phone bag, 1 leash,1 kayak seat.


Brand: FunWater


FUNWATER is not only a stand up paddle board brand, but represent a way of life. As technical innovators, we are committed to bringing new and exciting products with the latest technology. Whether you’re interested in exploring your local waterways, taking your yoga routine to the lake, or just spending quality time on the water with friends, family and pets, we’re here to support you.

The hand pump is made of premium PP, the product is solid, durable, and light. And it’s easy and fast to reach any higher pressure value. The ergonomic handle fits your palm perfectly to use your strength effectively. Two elastic strings are equipped to fix the air hoses. A stable honeycomb design is used for the pedal, greatly extending its service life.

The backpack is made of rigid, wearproof nylon, the backpack can effectively prevent your paddle and accessories from being damaged during transport and keep your accessories organized. The top and sides are mesh to ventilate and dry your paddle.

The paddle is composed of three parts, firm and light aluminum shaft, durable PP, and fiber glass blade, to effectively control directions in water for extended use. Adjustable height: 68" – 85’’ (175 – 215cm); adjustable while sitting or standing, and suitable for the whole family. The ergonomic T-shaped handle is flexible and wearproof. With anti-skid design, making it easier to paddle.

The leash made of 7mm ultra strong PU wire and precise stainless steel swivel, the leash can resist water corrosion free from deformation or entanglements after extended uses. With marine-grade stainless steel for the joints, it can be used for the longest and heaviest board to help you enjoy water sports.

Each fin is equipped with a safety latch. The sliding and locking design can ensure that each fin is securely fixed on the fin base without using other tools, making the installation and disassembly easy.

The seat can help you sit on the paddle more comfortably.